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Food & Water Dishes

A steady supply of both water and dog food is absolutely essential when traveling with your dog, or if your pet is to remain crated for an extended period of time. Ideal dishes or cups for dog crates attach easily and are dishwasher safe.

Dog Crate Crock for Food or Water
This Crate Crock attaches effortlessly to soft-sided dog crates to ensure that your dog has a ready supply of dog food or water.

Crate Clamp Bowls
These stainless steel bowls will not rust, pit or crack. Dishwasher safe. Attaches to most standard dog kennels and dog crates.

No-Drip Dog Crate Bottle
The unique no-drip design and durable construction of the Tirso No-Drip Water Bottle prevents a leaky mess in your pet’s dog crate.

No Spill Dog Crate Cup
Universal spill resistant plastic cups for dog crates or carriers are great for home or travel. Simply clip onto the carrier door.